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About us

“House of the year”

The Rudolf House is located in the main square of Esztergom, a minute walk from the Small Danube and the Primate’s Island. The almost 300-year-old building is the treasure of Széchenyi Square, which – following an impressive renovation – has earned the “House of the Year” award. One the Dining Guide’s top10 restaurants, Bistro42 can be found on the ground floor of the building, which expands the hotel’s services with it’s sophisticated gastronomical experiences. The interior of our dining area radiates special feelings. The harmony of the colours, the materials and designs of the suites makes for an overall sensual experience.

bistro 42

Sophisticated gastronomy in the baroque main square

You can supplement your time relaxing or recharging in our House by enjoying Bistro42’s sophisticated and vibrant dishes, which will make your experience unforgettable. In the kitchen, led by Ádám Barna, many similar-thinking people work to create a place where everyone can experience how a simple weekday can become a holiday. The restaurant’s unique interior design and the modern all-glass terrace creates a compelling atmosphere.

Hungary’s most prestigious restaurant guide, the Dining Guide 2021 has ranked Bistro42 among the TOP10 restaurants in Hungary and TOP3 outside of Budapest, in the countryside.