Grand Apartment

Our grand apartment with three bedrooms and two bathrooms is a perfect choice for all those who would like to take a break from the routine of grey weekdays. The large living room has two balconies and a warm intimate atmosphere, is a calming and quiet environment in the middle of the city centre, and offers a special experience.
The living room, with two balconies, and the warm cosy environment in the centre of the city radiates a special feeling. This exciting, uniquely designed apartment is an excellent choice for groups of four to six.

City Class Apartment

Our two-bedroom City Class Apartment offers a unique, cosy and friendly feeling of life for our guests who are open to a weekend break or to a multi-day Danube Band experience. The uniquely designed interiors of the apartment are softly blended with comfortable furniture and textiles.

City Studio Apartment

You won’t be without a unique and welcoming sense of luxury in our studio style City Studio Apartment. For a few days in Esztergom, this youthful, excitingly furnished apartment is an excellent choice. Sunlight, fun and velvety pampering awaits you here.

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